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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Last days of Summer

When I look at my daughter and her BFF, that she only see during vacations, I get nostalgic (Yes, I get nostalgic almost about everything).  Their moments spent together are so intense for them, yet the summer will pass soon, and then there is only a memory.  And a photograph.  I feel like just a moment ago,...

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Sea, Sand & two Souls

She waited for him with her dress dancing in the wind, there was no one insight.  She looked to the sea, and the sound of waves silenced his steps.   Then he kissed her and she kissed him.  They run, they cried and laughed, got lost it the sea and found in the shore once more....

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Femme Fatale

Here she goes again, but this time in boudoir session.  I know that is what she was really waiting for.  I did one for her many years ago, and like all the girls who had that session, she admits that it is the best self esteem boost in the universe!  No shower of compliments, not slimming...

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