September 20, 2010

Magic moment is over, and all you have is photos…I spend more than few hours a day editing images on my computer, but my favorite way to look through them is in print.  No screen will ever beat that.  I love the art-gallery feel when I’m looking at the prints on my walls… but the album?  It is like having a whole gallery in your hands.  There is something comforting in holding a book, knowing that once you open it, you get transform to a different world.  Photo album is a beautiful time capsule that takes you to the most precious moments in your life.

I am so happy to provide custom design family albums for my clients that become their first family heirlooms.  Those albums are wonderful to touch, bound in a silky elegant chinese cloth or classic leather, with thick pages that opens flat.   I love simple and slick forms, so, here are two 10×10 samples: