Tonya + Chris, Kittle House Wedding

Tonya and Chris.  Two talented musicians living in Brooklyn who travelled the world, got engaged in Praque and came to tie the knot in Westchester.  With their love for food, wine, jazz and impeccable style I knew there will be a feast for the senses. All day long.

And they are married:

Kittle House: gorgeous historic venue in a picturesque Chappaqua (I’m planning more day trips to that place)

So. The music took me over the moon..  A terrific 60’s swing, and tone of amazing jazz solos from Chris’ friends. Love!

One of the uniqueness of Kittle House, is that they hold a collection of  65,000 wine bottles from all over the world.  We got a private tour of the cellar, and touching a $10,000 bottle of French vino was almost as good as drinking it :)

Tonya and Chris,  I feel so blessed to be part of your beautiful celebration.  At one point I even thought I was dreaming :) and I definitely came home full of admiration.  Thank you for treating us like family and being so wonderful..  (I hope you having a blast in Hawaii!) xoxo.

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