Christine + Matt, Hawaiian themed wedding

July 27, 2011

The morning before I left to shoot the Christine and Matt outdoor -hawaiian themed – block party wedding in the middle of a heat wave, I said to myself  “Oh Lord, please help me… and please help this couple… to stay cool… puhleeeze…”

Now, I may not stayed all that fresh, and the bride’s make up may melted away in a first second she stepped outside, but the wedding was so cool.  Ultra casual, fun mood with Christine and Matt’s happiness blasting every moment.. just like the sun from the sky :)  Plus, most guests sported bikinis right after the ceremony, ending up in Christine and Matt’s swimming-pool with drinks in hand – it doesn’t get any more tropical than this.

Gorgeous cake by Honey Bee Cakes:

I think it was probably the best first dance I ever witnessed.  The real deal:

In the evening, Christine surprised her new husband with hula dancers and fire show:

Matt and Christine: thank you!  I love how cool and down to earth couple you are!  And your wedding revealed that perfectly.  I hope you will have as much fun in everyday life as on your big day.  With or without tropical feel, hot sun and dancing on the street.