Crystal and DJ, chateau briand wedding photography:

November 26, 2010

This is a second to last wedding of the season, and I feel a little sad, but incredibly thankful for all the love, happiness and celebration I was able to witness.  So SO thankful.

Crystal and DJ wedding celebration was a vibrant and full of life affair.  I cannot possibly describe all the joy and beauty of the day, so I am thankful these photos can give you a taste:

How fun was to see Crystal AND her bff Kristy (you might remember her from her own wedding):

Crystal is a fierce smiler!  I mean she didn’t stop smiling and laughing all night.  Even a priest in the church made a mark of her happy face while she was going down the aisle to meet her soon to be husband:

Since the ceremony started after the sunset, there was no beach-lake-garden-park photos, but it doesn’t matter – as long as there is a grand piano!  And there was one in Crystal and DJ reception: Chateau Briand :)

You can see that we used that piano to the fullest :)

There is a whole array of the smiles Crystal can give you, and they all come out from her  warm personality: jam-packed with nurturance.  I am telling you, if you ever meet her you are guaranteed to adore her.

And DJ? He says he is a reserved one with Crystal taking him out of his shell, but I believe he is her true anchor: a foundation on which she can stand and shine.  Plus, they really look good together :)

Did the bridesmaids get a little piano-envy?  :)

I Loved their reception: a luxurious-tropical-resort meet miami-club decor with flowing champagne, cozy cabanas and house music:

First dance:

Ready to go “aww”?  Here is DJ looking at Crystal like she is the only one in the room:

Kristy with her speach.  I luv this girl!

I am sure the quest will have an extra sweet memory of that gorgeous night with a box of candy to take home:

Crystal and DJ… you probably know what I’m going to say:  I’m so SO thankful.  I hope you’re having as much fun in Costa Rica as you did on your wedding and I hope your chicks are on fire. Always.