Danielle and Jay: Day 1 of 2, Pakistani Wedding Photography in New Jersey

August 4, 2010

They totally took my breath away when they stepped out of their car in Holmdel Park, NJ.  I knew already that they are amazingly  handsome couple, but I wasn’t prepare for the VISION that they were on their first day of wedding: the Islamic one.   (The next day they had a Catholic wedding, which I will show you in the different post soon).   So, yes, it was two days of pure joy, in which I chocked on tears more then once.  Days of uniting two so different cultures.

They were teaching in the same school when they met, and they stayed  “professional friends at work” at first, but then their conversations begun to go deeper, into God:  they discovered that they both share a profound faith.  And faith is something more than religion,  it unites, not divides people.  So, yes, they where brought together by ONE GOD, giving them the gift of a beautiful love and a new journey together:

When Danielle and Jay are together there is something sublime in the air.  They love each other quietly, beautifully:
And don’t their look royal?Their venue for their fist day wedding was at Chutney Manor:In a traditional Islamic wedding the couple sits on the stage, and each guest come to greet them and wish them well:
I don’t think there was even one person missing on the dance floor.  Now I really want to learn indian dancing, I looove it:
Danielle and Jay,  thank you for this truly wonderful time!  Your beautiful aura left profound impression,  and you are a huge inspiration! xoxo