Donna + Kenny, planting fields wedding

September 29, 2011

Getting ready in Glen Cove Mansion,  first look and photos at Planting Fields,  ceremony on the beach and all the beautiful details.. I couldn’t ask for more in Donna and Kenny’s wedding day:


First embrace :)

Did I tell you?  I love the bride who walks barefoot on the rocky road.  With a smile!

Tucker, the handsome:

A slight time delay, and a ceremony that supposed to happen by the setting sun, was wrapped in complete, ethereal darkens.  Who will forget that?

Donna and Kenny,  that first dance right there?  With 12 different choreographies and beats? It couldn’t show your fun and charismatic nature more perfectly.  And you are.  Just perfect together.   I hope you going crazy with the fun in Belize.  I somehow know that :) Thank you for all you did! xo