Dorothy and David, Central Park engagement photography

August 12, 2010

I don’t know where to start this post, and I’m scared I will not be able to finish it, because  there were so many amazing things about this session with Dorothy and David.  Firstly,  they are a kind of couple you get instantly comfortable with –  you feel like you know them all your life.  They are amazingly kind, genuine, thoughtful,  fun and down to earth beautiful beings: I wish we had more time, and we’ve spend the whole afternoon and half a night together!  Secondly, they are a match made by higher forces,  their story together are woven by incredible signs, and paths that are leading toward one direction: being together.  I am not going to give you details, because I really hope they will write a novel about their story one day, so you can experience it fully and get mega chills.  Let me tell you though, it made me a stronger believer in powerful, magical energy, and it is simply called love.

I am convinced Dorothy and David’s love was written in stone long, long time ago.  They are two old souls that were finally found in this time: Central Park is a place that gather all kind of musicians, but we really loved the drummers:It seemed that a gentle breeze was miraculously following us on this windless day:You probably ask why is Dorothy so damn  beautiful??  Guess what! I have an answer: she is POLISH:)
More dancing! Yay!!5th Avenue lights and some Prada display:)Dorothy and David, I am so incredibly thankful I met you (they where brought to me through my other heaven-send bride) – and I cannot wait to capture your wedding!  Those moments will never be forgotten, I am glad you took a time off from all the wedding planning and long work hours (David is an ER doctor, and Dorothy is a doctor’s assistant), because this evening was sheer perfection.  And thank you for a dinner and drinks,  now the Tao restaurant is my new fav in the City!! xoxo