Erin + Jason Watermill Wedding

October 19, 2011

A really warm October day, where leafs didn’t start turning yet and you feel like you’ve been transported back to the middle of summer.  Talking about time traveling: Erin and Jason found a perfect historical yet quirky location for their pictures:  a Carriage Museum in Stony Brook, complete with a barn, old school and a gorgeous grounds!  Swoon?  Oh yes!

Back in the Watermill, where a gorgeous reception took place:

Jason and Erin, this day was beyond perfect. And I cannot thank you enough! Jason, you are such a cool and collected guy, and Erin? You. Are. A Star! I hope every second in Fiji is well imprinted in your memories.. because, you know.. its Fiji.  Gosh, you are really good with locations! :) xoxo