Femme Fatale

August 3, 2009

DSC_9403Here she goes again, but this time in boudoir session.  I know that is what she was really waiting for.  I did one for her many years ago, and like all the girls who had that session, she admits that it is the best self esteem boost in the universe!  No shower of compliments, not slimming underwear or expensive dress, or any other beautifying activity, does the trick better that having yourself in super sexy, dreamy, smokey, little bit smudgy photograph – for ever!  Femme Fatale style. So this is her second one, sexier than ever shoot, and the utterly grateful husband if just a bonus…DSC_9362 (2)DSC_9359 (1)DSC_9420 (1)DSC_9405 (1)DSC_9416 (1)DSC_9367 (1)