Forgetting in November

November 2, 2010

Yesterday I wanted to welcome November on a sweet note and blog a huge pile of candy my daughter gathered on Halloween, but when I was ready to take a picture of the mentioned candy all I found was empty wraps…  many, many wraps and one  innocent look (on my daughter’s face).   In that case, I thought I will blog MY favorite sweet which is fine dark European chocolate.  So I opened it… and forgot about blog…

Today.  I still welcome November a little reluctantly but sweetly..   It is my month after all.  Being born in November might be not as exciting as being born in spring or summer, but the thought of it makes those cooler days a little warmer.  Whoa!   My birthday is in the END of the month and I am already talking about it?  Annoying, I know… and I don’t even like getting older anymore… So.  In November?  I plan on eating lots of fine dark chocolate and sometimes forgetting myself :)