In WellWed!!

June 16, 2011

I got the email while grocery shopping.  I tried to contain myself at first, repeatedly remaining all the cells in my body to stay calm. Stay calm – stay calm.  But somewhere between the tomatoes and potatoes aisle, I started jumping a little and dancing to a happy beat (the tune that appeared in my head was “oh happy day”)   I am not kidding you,  if you would be with me in that store you would certainly act like you don’t know me.

So the email I got?  It was a notice that I got feature in WellWed the Hamptons today!  I heart WellWed! A true inspirational website and magazine :) Oh happy day!  That wedding was so spectacular, Kristy and Arty were an amazing couple (check more of them over here) and their team was one of a kind!  Special thanks to Andrea from Lola Loves Makeup, Gina from Bleu Diamond Events, and Bella Flowers for making the event and the bride so beautiful!