In WellWed Again!!

June 28, 2011

It turns out WellWed is following my work now (hey awesome WellWed team!)  :)  When they saw a fabulous wedding of Kristie and Damien,  they contacted me right away. Obviously I thought it was a mistake,  that it can’t be: a second feature?  I literally got bewildered and started forwarding emails to wrong places confusing the brides etc..  It was like drunk emailing.. Somebody should’ve taken my laptop from me!   Well, I’m kinda on the verge of going into an overexcitement therapy (if something like that exist).

Enough about my drama moment, go ahead and look at Kristie and Damien day once more on a super-duper WellWed blog!  If you ever need an event planning help, go to Kristie, she truly has a knack for that: