Ingy waiting for Enzo, NY Maternity photography

December 29, 2010

Enzo is 32 weeks, still warmly wrapped inside.. but his beautiful mama cannot wait to see his face.

Ingy and her glow:

It was a beginning of the sixth largest snowstorm in NY history… luckily Ingy is warm blooded and dedicated :)

And I say it was fun!

And so unbelievably beautiful.

With her super happy, super playful Dolce:

It was a spare of a moment to include Ingy’s two best friends, and it turned to be one of my favorite series.

Nick and Mike, they are not only best friends but ready to be best uncles.  With diaper changes and all.

Ingy, thank you .  I also bow to you for your strength, wisdom and loving nature.  It was amazing to capture that intimate moments of expectation.  The time when waiting is divine.