Kristie and Damien, Larkfield Manor Wedding Photography

June 20, 2011

There were some tears during the ceremony (happy ones).  But the reception? Let’s just say there was singing to the sky, diving into the crowd and mixing drinks behind the bar (by bride and groom).  Fun night is an understatement.  Kristie and Damien had a ball celebrating their day.  Oh yes, me too!  How wouldn’t I, with those two amazingly charismatic characters?  And with all the little pieces orchestrated by super detail-oriented (not to mention beautiful) Kristie it was one gorgeous day:

Candy Bar!

Kristie and Damien are both part time bartenders, so we had to have some fun at their area of expertise (thankfully Larkfield Manor has a beautiful bar)

One crazy fun night:

We went outside for a few minutes to look at the stars.  And capture some moments:

Back inside for more fun!


Oh Kristie.. Oh Damien.. You know your day and night was something to remember.  But I want you to know, that it also left me inspired. To have more fun (because life is to short).  Thank you… I hope each day of the rest of your life you will have as much fun as you did on your wedding day.