Kristy and Arty, 5 poinz/Gantry Plaza engagement session

July 29, 2010

Graffiti Mecca, NYC, and a hottest day of the year.   Now add a joyous, beautiful couple and you have one memorable engagement session.   Arty was into aerosol art in his teenage years, so Kristy thought  5 poinz would be a perfect spot for  their photo shoot.  I luved it:) And them: I wanted to jar their laughter, because it totally made my day!  Helllooo Beauty:If I could only have Kristy’s hair, my life would be so much better:)Those blue, blue eyes? Common now…Few blocks away, at Gantry Plaza State Park:Kristy and Arty, I can’t wait for your wedding this September ( I am counting on your brake-dance performance, Arty)!  I had such a great time with you two, kudos for staying uber cool and fresh in a 100 degree weather! xoxo