Lauren, NY Portrait Photography

November 4, 2010

Sometimes perfect things fell into place very quickly.  Lauren found my blog a couple weeks ago, contacted me, visited me, and next thing we had a perfect afternoon session.  And Lauren is, well..  like really perfect?  Not in the annoying kinda way, but in that truly sweet, fun, and want-to-be -her-BFF kinda way :)  She is not only beautiful and graceful, but she is well educated, well read, well travelled, and she can bake vegan cupcakes :) Perfectly.

Another perfection? The light in Lauren’s parents backyard:

A little chilly, but oh-so-right:

To warm up, we were stepping inside for Lauren’s delicious soy latte.  And a cupcake :)

I a-d-o-r-e this kind of light.  And Lauren in it:

Dear Lauren, thank you for everything! Not only for spoiling me (and Malgosia) with all the goodies, but for being delightful, wonderful, fabulous YOU.