Liz and Tim, NYC engagement photography

November 18, 2010

I cannot say it enough: I love my couples, I love their love and passion, and I love capturing it all.   Especially in an ultra hip and eclectic location like DUMBO.  With Liz and Tim I had so much fun, my chicks are still hurting from laughing with them.

First stop together was at my personal mecca: Jacquss Torres Chocolate.  When I found out they know it and love it as much as I do, I knew we have a special bond :)

OK. So obviously they are beautiful.  Beautiful thoroughly: Inside and out.

L-o-v-e :

Liz and Tim love to cook together (how cute it that?), so when we passed through the farmers market on one of the streets corner we had to take some shots right in the middle a veggie stand:

My sister often gives names to my images. This one she called French:

Among food, art and sport interests, those two hipsters are indie hip-music lovers, so we stopped for some old records browsing :

And these?  My sister named them Rome:

Just because it’s going to be Liz and Tim’s honeymoon destination and Tim is actually from Spain, I’ll call this one Barcelona :)

New York. No doubt:

For the second location we went to their neighborhood by Astoria Park, and I loved the walk by the East River:

We ended up a perfect afternoon with a little leaf playing :

Dear Liz and Tim! I adooore you!!  Thank you so very much for that perfect day,  I can’t wait for your wedding next year, I am sure my chicks will be hurting even more :)