Liz + Tim, East Wind Wedding Photography

May 11, 2011

I say it over and over again: shooting weddings makes me a believer in love.  I know, I know “it’s love not Santa Clause, what’s not to believe?”, but… It really makes me believe stronger and harder and fuller.  How can you not, when you meet a perfect couple?  Like these two: Liz and Tim.  It was meant to be that a beautiful doctor of audiology met this handsome urban planner for city project at the… mutual friend’s wedding!  Don’t the story starts just right?  Combined with all their charm, sense of humor, sexiness, talent, sweetness, beauty and unpretentiousness,  they cannot be more perfect.  Plus they have such a positive effect on everything and everyone…  I am utterly under their spell…

Their wedding day was a beautiful story as well.

Liz and Tim’s wedding was on the same day as a Royal Couple, so a certain special piece of wardrobe stood out for me :)

Beaming.  All day long:

At the reception place:  East Wind

Did I say they’re talented?  Tim took his photography talent into card placing project: each table had assigned City district with a characteristic photo of that neighborhood.  And let me tell you, these photos?  They were good. Like should-be-in-the-gallery good.  Made me a teeny bit jealous :)

Dear Liz and Tim, I hope you will have many, many kids together (to make a world a better place with your genes).  I am so happy to have been a small part of your story.  I might even stay under your magic power for ever.  Thank. You.