Lourdes + Alejandro Married!

October 17, 2009

This wedding was beautiful.  It was elegant.  Cultural.  Charming.  Sexy with Salsa on the dance floor.   It was…  Spanish-speaking only with no translator!  No comprende Espanol.  Well… No problema!

flowersgroom bride

I always promise myself that I will be cool as a cucumber at the next wedding, but it never happens.  During the Ave Maria song in the middle of the Holly Mass, the newly wedded couple stood in front of St. Marry statue… THAT was IT for me.  I felt a sudden goosebumps attack and hot crocodile tears on my cheeks.   I forced myself not to let out the loud sob that was creeping inside of me.  Yeah… It was hard, but I made through the most emotional part of the wedding –  without major embarrassment.


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DSC_3858 (1)fun