Malgosia: My Sister, NY Portrait Photography

July 24, 2010

She is visiting me for a few months but I really hope she will stay forever.  Because I am not fully me without her.  She is my soul sister.  It feels as though we know each other not decades but centuries. Or whole eternity.  So she is here, and it means few things:

1. I will gain about 10 lb. right away.  Malgosia is the best chef in the whole galaxy…  I figure 10 lb is a small price to pay for the pure bliss of indulging in her home cook creations.

2.  I will save big $$$ on calling cards.  We did connect via skype everyday, but that is not the same as a phone call.  Computer is to distracting in my opinion… Our phone conversation record was about 8 hours straight.  And we both felt like we could go on a lot longer.

3.  I will have tones of more photos.  She is a talented photographer, and creativity runs in her blood.   Artistically, I’ve always looked up to her.  I might even share some of her photos of me :)

Here she is: