Maria and Andrew, NY Wedding

March 26, 2010

The Spring came in with a bang!  The first day of that blooming season was warm as in July,  and you could smell the excitement and divine energy in the air.  That’s the day Maria and Andrew got on their wedding.    photo by basiaphotobybasia.netMaria, oh you are a true beauty:photo by basiaAnd her gorgeous bridesmaids:photo by basiaBut check out the Groom, a Coast Guard  and his boys – for all the women who love men in the uniform – now is your time to sigh…photo by basiaYou know I love passion, so here are some passionate kisses, tender and happy looks, and yes – more kisses:):photo by basiaphoto by basiaphoto by basiaphoto by basiaphoto by basiaphoto by basiaThe reception was at Smithtown Landing Country Club, photo by basiaand featured an eighteen piece band!!! photo by basiawith a stunning singer (when she sang some of my favorite Billy Holiday’ hits, my heart melted a little…)photo by basiaMaria and Andrew, I love your love for each other.  I am so lucky to be the one to capture a glimpse of it on your special day! photo by basia