Melissa and John, Westchester Wedding Photography

November 11, 2010

A quintessential  NYC romance, that started off on their first date: at NY Mets game.   Soon their shared admiration for the game turned into a love story  that was lead up to one special November day in Bronxville, NY:  their wedding day.   Melissa and John made sure to include a little Mets-themed elements:

Their first look… Included some softness in the knees, tears, and loosing of contact lenses :)

Melissa’s anklet was “something borrowed”: her sister’s Mets Necklace :)

We went with to Hart’s Brook Nature Preserve, and a wedding party was fun and fabulous:

I love how Melissa looks at John:

And how John looks at Melissa:

We found an abandoned old barn, that was a pure perfection for pictures:

The ceremony and reception was held in a historic Bronxville Women’s Club

Dear Melissa and John, thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me capture the beauty of your day and your love.  I hope every single day of your life together will be a home run.  Enjoy your Mediterranean cruise!