thankful for a blooming tree

April 15, 2010

I really believe we should be thankful for everything that comes into our lives.  Sometimes the universe is trying to shake us up to the core but it is to wake us up, so we can stand still for a minute and get a grip on the reality (which is never certain), and give thanks for what we have now.

I learn (well, I am in a constant process of learning) to be thankful for difficult things too.  Sometimes the worst times create the sweetest memories later on. Last night, when I had usual talk with my daughter, she asked  “why I have to go through so many surgeries?” (she was born with undeveloped fibular bone and other orthopedic problems) To answer her I reminded her of the first surgery and the moment when we saw her daddy cry real tears for the first time. “would you prefer not to have that memory?“,  I asked her.  First came a big smile on her face and then the answer “no…”  Off course It doesn’t mean its going to be easier, but somewhere in the future it will all make sense and we will smile.  So.  I don’t argue with God, I don’t ask questions why…  I try to stay humble and enjoy each turn of the season, each smile of my loved one and each blooming tree.

photo by basiaphoto by basia