Theresa and Kurt, Greenport engagement session

June 2, 2010

Meet the cool kids:  Theresa and Kurt. They drive a cool car, listen to a cool indie music,  and know and visit all the cool places. Yes, they’re very cool without being cocky.  To make things even better they are both artists: Kurt is a photographer, you can check his work here, and Theresa paints – make sure to check her work here!  I cannot wait to shoot their wedding in September!

So.  I knew, that spending afternoon with them will be a treat: I let them pick the locations, and boy, they amazed me with their choices: the wineries in North Fork, charm of Greenport with all the barns, shipyards and cute store fronts, plus the rocky beach.  PER-FEC-TION!

I had to take a picture with their Jeep!  It was fun ridding with you two!