Tonya and Chris engaged, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

May 2, 2011

Tonya and Chris live in the hip part of Brooklyn, which I know like the back of my hand (I use to live in Brooklyn for 7 years).  It was obvious then, that they chose a beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden for their engagement shoot.  What was not so obvious, was the fact that on the day of the session I mistaken this location with Queens Botanical Garden.  It totally boggles my mind how I ended up in Queens instead of Brooklyn…  Tonya and Chris where super sweet about rescheduling (they are angels not humans!), but I still went into slight panic attack with tears of defeat… and had to find comfort in shanghai vermicelli noodles, soy duck and white rice (we were in Flushing, Queens after all)..

Well, last Tuesday morning, all went perfectly :)  Weather was beautiful. Trees in Brooklyn Botanic Garden were still blooming. And Tonya with Chris?  Looked angelically – amazing: