Tricia and Dan, Thatched Cottage Wedding Photography

December 1, 2010

I dream a lot, and sometimes I dream about  my upcoming weddings.  Mostly they are nightmares, where my worst fears come to the surface: loosing or braking my lenses/cameras,  being late to ceremony, being stuck on the road etc.  I probably dreamt every worst scenario there is,  until a few weeks ago,  I had a beautiful, easy and just right dream about my last wedding of the year: Tricia and Dan’s.

It all made sense to me, because everything about Tricia and Dan is… well..  just right.  Happy, connected, spiritual… Their story begun across the globe, in Australia, where Tricia was vacationing.  But we all know that she was meant to go there,  to meet her soulmate and her new best friend, Dan.  Two years later, after many trips across the world,  deep longing in between, and annoying immigration bureaucracy, their beautiful love could come home.  So everything could be just right:

While getting ready at her church, Tricia was running to the window every couple of minutes to check her groom’s arrival:

I have a theory, that Dan got mesmerized with Tricia’s sparkly blue eyes, as much as she got swoon by his sexy accent :)

The handkerchief that belonged to Tricia’s father  proved to be very handy at the ceremony:

We headed to the reception site for some pictures before the party.  Thatched Cottage has beautiful water view grounds.  But it is really the people who are in love that make the place special:

And you can feel their bond from far away:

May I put in the jar your child-like happiness and take it home?

OK.  I really hope they will put this one up on their wall:

Back inside, yumminess was waiting for the guests:

First dance:


Third :)

Dear Tricia and Dan,  thank you.  Your wedding was a dream come true (literary).  I love everything about you, your heart, your faith and spirit.   May all your future  days will be as beautiful as your wedding one.  Dan, I hope you will master driving on the right side of the road, and Trish: I hope you will keep mastering your Aussie accent :)