Vanessa and Michael, NY wedding photography

May 23, 2010

Vanessa and Michael have been together for a few years and where planning to get married, but when they find out there is a baby on the way, they decided to have a wedding before their new bundle of joy comes and steals all of their attention.  Well, it was a wedding I could hop and skip in delight about.  I mean it was right on the water in their beautiful backyard, with all the joy and warmth of closest family and friends.  Their family is into commercial fishing, so there was also a ton of fresh delicious seafood – yummy!  And a life beautiful music in the background.  Yes.  It was a delightful day:
photo by basiaphoto by basiaMichael unexpectedly peeked into the bathroom where Vanessa was getting ready, and, I tell you, those surprising moments I just love!photo by basiaphoto by basiaOk, so when I saw Vanessa’s freckles AND dimples, I thought to myself that this girl cannot be any cuter! But then she smiled this smile:photo by basiaphoto by basiaPure joy:photo by basiaphoto by basiaThis all would not be, without Vanessa’s mom – she was their matchmaker:)photo by basiaphoto by basiaphoto by basiaphoto by basiaMy name is Hunter.  Hunter the dog:photo by basiaJust because I like little ones, and it was hard not to follow this little girl:
photo by basiaphoto by basiaVanessa and Michael, thank you for this day, and for making me feel like a part of your family.  I was truly charmed capturing your moments and I can’t wait for October to photograph your baby girl!

I’ll end with Vanessa’s smile and a warm breeze: Aahhh…

photo by basia